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I am a registered acupuncturist with AFPA, the longest established and the largest professional regulatory body for the practice of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ireland.
I received my certification from the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland, having spent three years training as an acupuncturist with Professor Jin Huide and Dr Wu Jidong. I completed a clinical internship at WHO Collaborative Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Nanjing University, China.

The programme involved Post Graduate training under the guidance of the renowned Professor Lu Jin, Acupuncture Director and Chief Physician at Nanjing Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Professor Lu Jin specialises in Abdominal Acupuncture developed by Dr Bo ZhiYun. This offers a particularly gentle and pain free form of acupuncture. Because the needling is very superficial, abdominal acupuncture is indicated for any patients who are weak, or who are particularly sensitive to acupuncture. This includes the very young and the elderly.

I have adopted the teachings of Professor Lu Jin, incorporating Abdominal Acupuncture and her gentle and pain free style of needling into my practice

My nursing experience has enriched me greatly in many ways. Coming from a Western medical perspective as a registered nurse made me more appreciative of the miraculous improvements made by using Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCM). I decided to pursue the study and practice of Acupuncture and TCM after experiencing the dramatic effects it made to my own health and well being. . I believe in a holistic approach to health, focusing on reducing stress, relieving pain, and promoting overall health and wellness.

I have been practicing Qi Gong for several years. This is an ancient Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to Tai Chi, which is a practice of aligning breath, movement and awareness for exercise, healing and meditation.

I have taken additional training with Sarah Budd , Julian Scott and
Dr. Henry McCann DAOM, LAc, Dipl OM
Most recently I have attended World Premieres by Dr. McCann in Dublin. Tungs Acupuncture for Digestive & Endocrine Disorders incorporating Tungs Acupuncture & the Shang Han Lun and Taiji Therapy.

In the Tungs Acupuncture course there was an Investigation of the Six Levels for Tungs Acupuncture.

The Shang Han Lun or Cold Damage Theory is an important Chinese Medicine text written by Zhang Zhong Jing who lived c 150 – 219 CE. It organizes disease into Six Stages or Layers within the body – Taiyang, Shaoyang, Yangming, Taiyin, Shaoyin and Jueyin. Treatment is on the basis of pattern identification. For the first time, Dr Henry McCann has incorporated the Shang Han Lun theory and the Six Levels into Tungs Acupuncture for a truly innovative and effective treatment method.
Taiji Therapy, developed by Dr McCann, is based on the Silk Reeling exercises and is used both for health restoration and maintenance of health. For the first time ever, this was taught to practitioners of Chinese Medicine. It be used for personal health or taught to patients. It was an honour to be taught by the originator and developer of such a practice.